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Capri Sun Variety Pack, 40 ct.

Capri Sun Variety Pack, 40 ct.

Capri Sun Variety Pack, 40 ct.

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20 Fruit Punch pouches, 10 Strawberry Kiwi pouches, and 10 Pacific Cooler pouches. All natural sweeteners, including monk fruit, to make the taste kids love. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup. The taste kids love, now with half the sugar vs leading regular juice drinks. Packaged in a convenient and iconic pouch for school lunches and on-the-go activities. Includes variety pack of juice blend drinks, 40 ct./6 fl. oz. each.


Item Description


  • A 40-pouch box of deliciously fruity Capri Sun Fruit Juice drinks keeps everyone in the office or on the team satisfied.
  • Capri Sun contains 25% less sugar than other juice box drinks.
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • Grab a Capri Sun pouch and start enjoying the sweet, fruit flavors of this great-tasting drink!


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