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Takis Flavor Pack 24Pack

Takis Flavor Pack 24Pack

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The Takis Flavor Variety Pack includes a little somethin' for everyone. Fuego, the fan-favorite, kicks things off with fiery chili pepper and a hit of lime. Wild, their brand new contender, shifts the spice down a notch, but each bite explodes with kickin' Buffalo Ranch flavor. Rounding out the spicy spectrum is Crunchy Fajita, a mild but equally flavorful experience for those lookin' for a more mellow indulgence. Grab a box for your lunchbox, a cookout, or just yourself and your closest pals and see which of you are Takis enough?



  • Experience the Takis flavor family
  • Perfect grab-and-go sized bags
  • Rolled corn tortilla crunches, doesn't crack
  • Flavors ranging from fiery to mild, so everyone can enjoy


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