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Swingline Commercial Desk Stapling 4 Piece Value Pack

Swingline Commercial Desk Stapling 4 Piece Value Pack

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Swingline staplers use premium staples that are stronger than standard staples. These provide a strong, long-lasting hold even on thick stacks of paper or tough materials likes cardboard or posterboard. Swingline Staplers are strong and long-lasting, holding up to job after job no matter how often they are used. 


Item Description

  • Swingline Commercial Desk 4 Piece Value Pack comes with all the essentials to meet your business' heavy stapling needs
  • Includes 2 desk staplers, premium staples, and staple remover
  • The claw remover is easy to keep handy for quick staple removing
  • Powerful heavy duty Swingline stapler
  • Stapler opens to open to post on vertical surfaces.


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